Young Leaders Programme

“Making young people at the heart of social change inspired by their Islamic faith”

Faith Inspire Young Leaders programme is back by popular demand! This exclusive 6 months leadership and personal development programme offers participants access to personalities, projects, businesses and organisations that will ignite young people’s journey of self discovery and purpose.

Young people want to change the world, and make it a better place for all, yet inspiring the self, one’s peers or the community can be daunting and hard work. Possessing the right skills, having a good knowledge of society and ones community, coupled with and a comprehensive understanding of your moral compass are key to navigating the pressures, challenges and obstacles faced by today’s youth as they embark on creating positive change. This is why Young Leaders Programme offers the following:*

INDUCTION – Tuesday 28th November 2017

An opportunity to meet fellow peers and gain organisational insight into Faith Inspire. Learn about the people involved, its core work and activities.

ISLAM TODAY – Tuesday 12th December 2017

Be in the company of a scholar rooted in Islamic knowledge yet, aware of our current realities. Learn the various sciences of the Islamic faith from Maqasid al-Sharia (Purpose/Objectives of Sharia) to Fiqh (jurisprudence). An opportunity to ask questions and get answers directly.

LEADERSHIP WEEKEND – Friday 5th to Sunday 7th January 2018

A retreat which combines theory and practical leadership training consisting interactive sessions, team-building activities and problem solving exercises.

PUBLIC SPEAKING – Tuesday 23rd January 2018

Learn to effectively articulate your ideas and vision in public in different settings with confidence and ease.

NEGOTIATION SKILLS – Tuesday 6th February 2018

Learn the art of negotiation, the various styles and methodology for a successful negotiation.

SOCIAL ACTION – Tuesday 20th February 2018

Put your leadership and other skills into practice by organising an event or an activity that will impact the wider community.

EVENT MANAGEMENT – Tuesday 6th March 2018

Planning an event will be second nature after a day looking at the various aspects of event planning and management.


SOCIAL ACTION – Tuesday 27th March 2018

DINNER AND CELEBRATION – Saturday 21st April 2018

A chance to review the course and reflect on the past, not to mention celebrate the achievement of the year together.

*Dates are subject to change; we will keep you informed in advance.


Courses in London and Bradford


Open to all aged between 16 to 25 years old.

Times of course on weekdays are 6pm -9pm.

Travel & food expenses are not covered however refreshments will be provided.

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