Winter Camp

Faith Inspire
Winter Camp

Dreaming big

Lesson from Prophet Yusuf (AS)

Join us for 3 days of fun packed Islamic learning  at the Markfield Institute in Leicester

The best of stories are from Surah Yusuf, the pearls and wisdom within it can assist us in our daily life and make us better at navigating through life’s challenges. Join us as we take lessons and morals from the story through fun, bite-sized and interactive learning sessions.

Join us on

Wednesday 26 to Friday 28 December 2018
£60 per participants
For boys and girls 13-17 years old


Islamic workshops
High ropes
Obstacle challenge
prayers and reminders

and lots more

Further information:

  • £60 per person
  • Includes transport from East London E1 on Wednesday 9am and return on Friday at 9pm (Traffic may affect time)
  • Breakfast, lunch & dinner will be provided (Halal)
  • Separate accommodation with supervised group leaders
  • Team Leaders and their assistants are all DBS cleared
  • The Team leaders have decades of experience of working with young people and are supported by junior level of youth workers and career specialists
  • Risk assessment has been provided by the centre and further risk assessment carried out by the team

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