Inspire Circle

When the seekers of paradise (Jannah) gather in their quest for intellectual and spiritual nourishment the noble scribes descend there upon to seek forgiveness for those aspiring to please their Lord.

  • Inspire Circle is a weekly/monthly circle of sacred knowledge which takes place in the London & South region, we aim to equip our participants with a balanced understanding of Islam.
  • “We made you a middle way community, so that you may bear witness to the people.” Qur’an 2:143
  • Inspire your love for Allah (swt) and His creation, His Messenger (Pbuh), the companions and the righteous people that followed.
  • Motivate and inspire participants to live according to the Sunnah with a balanced understanding of the Religion.
  • Access for English speaking Muslims of all backgrounds (different ethnicities, age and gender)
  • Our Current Circle of Knowledge:
  • Inspire Circle ELM, Inspire Circle Gants Hill, Inspire Circle Southwark, Inspire Circle Hounslow, Inspire Circle Barking.


Qur’an tales, lessons from the seerah of Prophet Muhammad (Pbuh) and the other Prophets, stories of the sahabas, hadith narration, Fiqhul Ibadah, current issues facing youth/women and Muslims in the west.

Add pictures from the different circles.

With each Inspire Circle add address so people who are interested can join.