About Us

Faith Inspire is a voluntary faith based community organisation, inspired by Islam.


Our Vision is to see:

A society where communities flourish

Our mission is to:

Develop and empower individuals to contribute to society

Faith inspire priorities are:

1. Cultivate spiritual and self development

Apply Islamic teachings, carry out our basic worship and grow individually & collectively in character through Islamic morals and ethics.

2. Support family and marriage

Maintain the family structure and ensure it grows and strengthens in the Muslim community and promote the institution of marriage.

3. Develop institutions and services

Ensure there are suitable places of worship and develop centres that meet the needs of the community.

4. Contribute to society

Educate and engage everyone about Islam and being effective and positive British citizens.

5. Promote an ethical and balanced lifestyle

To promote an all round ethical lifestyle and nurture a sense of social responsibility

The goals of Faith Inspire are:

1. Promote a balanced understanding of Islam

Apply Islamic teachings and a balanced approach in all our activities

2. Develop volunteers and leaders

Nurture Islamic personality & leadership skills grounded in spirituality and ethical principles.

3. Provide social hubs for the family

Provide an environment for the whole family to come together; catering for the needs of both men and women

4. Advance mutual understanding and dialogue

Engage the wider community to promote better understanding of Islam by providing opportunities for positive experiences and learning from each other

5. Work for the common good

As citizens we work in partnership with others for justice and peace

The Core values of Faith Inspire are:


Be a godly people, because you teach the Book and study it.


What it means in practice:

We see the spirituality in every action we take and strive to purify our intentions. We strive to constantly grow and nourish our souls by gaining knowledge and sharing it with others.


Say, ‘Indeed my prayer and my worship, my life and my death are for the sake of God, the Lord of all the worlds.


What it means in practice:

Love towards God is about giving with everything we have. Sacrifice is an essential part of the spiritual journey and coming close to Allah, as exemplified by Ibrahim in his submission to God. This is why when faced with difficulties and challenges, we put our team, our community and our fellow human beings first rather than our own ego or self-interest.


And hold firmly to the rope of Allah, all together, and do not become divided


What it means in practice:

We work together in a collaborative spirit harnessing companionship. Everyone has a role to play and everyone’s contribution is valued. We also seek to build unity within the broader Muslim community and those of other faiths and no faiths on matters of common good.


O you who believe, stand firm in upholding justice and be witnesses for Allah, even if it is against yourselves or parents or relatives


What it means in practice:

Justice is a central pillar in Islam. We are encouraged to speak the truth, stand up for justice, take responsibility for ourselves, our families and the wider global community.


“Every one of you is a shepherd (leader) and each one of you is responsible for his or her flock (people)”

Sahih Bukhari

What it means in practice:

We take responsibility for ourselves and our communities and show courage to lead wherever we are – guided by our core values and principles.